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Top Rated in the UK for Manufacturing Metal Bent Parts

Using a fleet of 5 CNC brake presses parts can be bent to a variety of angles utilising a range of radius dies and stamps to form custom flanges, lips, panels and enclosure shapes. Through the maintaining of tight tolerances, our parts are made to drawing and our assemblies consistently fit together as they should.

Customers benefit from utilising our bending capability as part of a high-volume batch run or part of a wider sheet metal fabrication project.

Our machinery can press with a force of up 220 Tonnes and part lengths up to 4m. This means we have the capability to press a wide range of materials lengths, types and thicknesses. We can bend and form thin sheet material such as aluminium right through to high strength steels such as Armox.

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close of bending of sheet metal on a bending machine at a metal fabrication compnany

Why Choose Universal Fabrications for Metal Bending Services?

When sheet metal needs to be bent, there are a number of inherent challenges that need to be overcome. Within the industry, some providers struggle to maintain consistency of the bend, and cracking of material is commonplace. At Universal Fabrications, we have developed a proven process to consistently overcome these metal bending challenges.

How do we avoid material cracking, wrinkling, and distortion while achieving correct bend angles on metal-based parts?

To consistently overcome metal bending challenges, Universal uses the right machinery and tools for the job while utilising experts in their field for upfront design work and operations. This includes:

Customer Design Discussions

Identifying the most suitable material for the project and the largest permitted bend radius. This ensures the material can achieve the part dimensional requirements while maintaining structural integrity.


Utilising well-maintained, carefully selected press tooling/dies is paramount to achieve the required bend angles and prevent wrinkling within the bend radius.

Calibrated Measurements

Through accurate and consistent measurement, dimensional inconsistency through over and under-bending is eliminated.

Application of Consistent Bending Pressure

By utilising automated CNC press brakes, the bending force is consistently applied and minimised to reduce structural strain.

Structurally Supported Work Pieces

Structural supports are used to ensure only the section being formed is under pressure, eliminating distortion.

Protecting the Surface Finish

To maintain the aesthetic quality of our metal parts, Universal Fabrications applies protective coatings or films before bending. These coatings act as barriers between the metal and the bending tools, reducing friction and preventing scratches, marks, and other surface damage. Our use of protective measures ensures that the surface remains intact and visually appealing without compromising the performance or appearance of the final product.

Manufacturing bending Machine Amada HD-ATC brake press

Our Machines

  • Amada HFP 220 Tonne Brake Press 4m
  • Amada HFP 100 Tonne Brake Press 3m
  • Amada HFP 50 Tonne Brake Press 1m
  • Amada HD-AT Hybrid 3m Brake Press with automatic tool change

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