Defence Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Sheet Metal Manufacturing for the Defence Industry

For over 15 years Universal Fabrications has been manufacturing armoured parts for the UK Defence industry across a range of vehicles such as Mastiff, Ridgback, Wolfhound and Boxer. For these vehicles we utilise our machining and fabrication services to support both the refurbishment and production of new vehicles. This includes full vehicle chassis and armoured kits. Additionally, we were part of the development and manufacturing team of the PANAMA remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system, specially designed for improvised explosive device (ED) detection.


Our Defence Capabilities

Utilising our cutting, bending, MIG, TIG, Robot Welding and Precision Machining capability we are able to manufacture the full range of metal based parts, fabrications and assemblies. Alongside the production teams, we also have an packing team who are able to produce a Kit of Parts from multiple supply sources working form picking lists and schedules.

sheet metal bending machine specialist vehicle conversions
sheet metal manufacturing company for defence industry

Meeting Defence Industry Standards

Our welders are coded to BS EN ISO 15613, BS EN ISO 9606-1, BS EN ISO 9606-2, AWS D17.1m (Class B), BS EN287-1 and we and operate to BS EN ISO 3834-2. UKAS accreditation is achieved through testing by Zurich Laboratory.

From a paint and coatings perspective, we are able to adhere to Defence standards such as Def Stan 80-225, Def Stan 80-161, Def Stand 80-143 & Def Stan 80-213. This includes finishing to British Standard colour references BS381C 285 NATO Green, Desert Tan and BS381C 361 Light Stone.

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