Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

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Streamlining the design process whilst reducing manufacturing costs 


At Universal Fabrications, we pride ourselves on our design for manufacturing capabilities, tailored to meet the unique needs of our OEM manufacturing customers.

Our comprehensive service combines design expertise with practical manufacturing insights, ensuring seamless integration from concept to production. With a focus on efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness, we collaborate to bring customer concepts to life with precision and reliability.

We pride ourselves on delivering tangible results that drive success in competitive markets.

drawings of metal parts by design for manufacturing company

Our Expertise

Design Optimisation

We rigorously optimise processes to enhance manufacturability, identifying potential issues early in the design phase, stripping out unnecessary cost and weight through design simplifications.

Advanced CAD/CAM Software

Our team utilises the latest CAD/CAM software to create highly detailed and accurate designs, ensuring compatibility with manufacturing processes and minimising errors.

Prototyping Services

Our in-house prototyping capabilities allow for rapid iteration and refinement of designs, enabling quick validation of concepts and accelerated product development cycles.

Material Selection Expertise

We offer guidance and expertise in selecting the most suitable materials for each project, considering factors such as durability, cost, weight and performance requirements.

Design for Assembly (DFA) Analysis

Our DFA analysis ensures that designs are optimised for efficient assembly, minimising labour costs and simplifying production processes.

Cost Analysis and Value Engineering

We conduct comprehensive cost analyses and value engineering assessments to identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising quality or performance.

Collaborative Approach

We foster close collaboration with our customers throughout the design process, ensuring that their vision and requirements are fully understood and integrated into the final product.

If you would like to discuss how our design for manufacturing expertise can support you, get in touch.