Energy Industry

Fabrication for the Energy Industry

Universal Fabrications is proud to support the transition from fossil fuels to more sustainable power generation. Our fabrications and machined parts are used in diesel, electric, biofuel, hydrogen and pedal based power solutions. 

  • Fabricate noise reduction enclosures for diesel generators.
  • Precision machined parts for hydrogen power cells.
  • Electric battery cases for commercial and military vehicles.
  • In pavement electric car charging points.
  • Bike docking solutions for West Midlands Combined Authority.
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Our Capabilities

Our design team are leaders in their field when it comes to design for manufacturing input. We take pride in the fact that we help accelerate projects from initiation to scaled production. Our fabrication capability is significant through welding robots, coded welders and the ability to handle heavy fabrications to 10 Tonnes. A large number of our customers take advantage of both our Fabrication and Machining capabilities. We are able to offer them a Universal solution to their manufacturing needs.

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Meeting Energy Industry Standards

We are able to offer a range of certificated treatments, testing and finishing whilst adhering to industry specific quality standards. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Cleanliness Standard Certification through Particle Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Non-Destruction Testing (NDT) and Destruction Testing
  • Weld Penetration Testing
  • Material Test Certification
  • Heat Treatment
  • Zinc Plating, Anodising, Silver Plating, Galvanising, e coat and Paint
  • PPAP Level 2, PPAP Level 3, PPAP Level 4 

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