Precision Engineering

Precision Machined Parts Manufactured in the UK

Within our highly capable Machine Shop we have the ability to manufacture parts through our extensive CNC milling and turning capability. We are a trusted production partner of choice for OEM’s producing prototypes, small batches and production level parts. These parts can be stand alone, or part of a wider fabrication we produce from the Sheet Metal Fabrication side of our business.

As we work up to Aerospace level of precision our people, machinery and tooling are able to machine the full range of material types to drawing specifications. Alongside this, our Quality Team are able to provide the necessary documentation to support your quality assurance requirements. 

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precision engineering CNC machine

Our Precision Machining Services

At Universal Fabrications, we provide seamless delivery of exceptional manufacturing solutions.

Our services include 3 axis milling, 4 axis milling, 4 axis horizontal milling, 5 axis milling, turn mill, sliding head lathe, lathes, inspection and 3D printing.

3 axis milling machine at precision engineering company


Bridgeport Vertical Machine Centre x 2

  • 1000mm x 600mm bed
  • 8,000 Rpm spindle with through coolant
4 axis milling machine at a precision engineering company


VF7 Haas 4 Axis Mill 2100 x 900 Bed

  • 8,100 Rpm Spindle
  • 2134mm x 813mm x 762mm working area
  • 1814kg max weight on table
  • 1 tonne overhead crane
4 axis horizontal milling machine at precision engineering company


Okuma Twin Pallet 4 Axis Mill

  • High precision machining centre
  • 600 mm x 600m x 900mm working area
  • 12,000 Rpm spindle
5 axis milling machine


Hardinge 5 Axis Machining Centre x 2

  • 600mm x 600mm bed
  • 12,000 Rpm spindle with through coolant
turn mill machine at precision engineering company


Biglia Smart Turn & Machining Centre

  • Max Dia 500mm
  • Max Turning Length 1280mm
  • Full 5 Axis machining
  • 80mm Dia Bar Feeder
  • High pressure through coolant
citizen sliding head lathe L32


Citizen Sliding Head Lathe L32-VIII LFV 

  • Sliding head lathe with 3 meter bar feeder
  • Max Dia 38mm
  • Max Machining Length –  GB: 320 mm/ 1chucking, GBL: 2.5D
  • Main spindle speed – Max. 8,000 min
  • 7 axis machining
lathes machine at engineering company


Hardinge Bar Fed Lathes x 2

Doosan Puma 400 Lathe with Live Tooling

  • Travel 362mm x 1105mm x 360°
  • 560mm maximum turning diameter
  • 700kg chucking workload
inspection machine at precision engineering company


  • Mitutoyo Crysta plus CMM
  • Stiefelmayer with 2000 x 1000 Bed Size
  • Baty Shadow Graph
  • Faro Arm – Portable CMM
  • Trimos Digital Height Gauges
  • Variety of digital micrometres, verniers, gauges and torque measuring equipment.
3d printing machine at manufacturing company


Dimensions SST1200es 3D printer

  • Build Volume: 254mm x 254mm x 305mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.254mm and 0.33mm
  • Model material: ABSplus in 9 colours
  • Support material: Soluble support

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