Specialist Vehicles Industry

Manufacturing Sheet Metal for Specialist Vehicle Conversions

Universal is a proven manufacturer of sheet metal fabrications and machined parts for specialist vehicles. Our team has extensive experience handling full vehicle conversions for emergency, special purpose, and military applications. These conversions include ambulances, riot vehicle protection, and armoured Toyota Land Cruisers. We also fabricate cages for Police Vehicles


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Our Capabilities for Specialist Vehicles

Our Fabrication and Machining facilities are complemented by a dedicated buildings for Vehicle Assembly and Paint Finishing. Our cranes can operate up to 10 Tonne loads.

sheet metal bending machine specialist vehicle conversions
specialist vehicle conversion for ambulance
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Meeting Industry Standards for Specialist Vehicles

Our welders are coded to BS EN ISO 15613, BS EN ISO 9606-1, BS EN ISO 9606-2, AWS D17.1m (Class B), BS EN287-1 and we and operate to BS EN ISO 3834-2. UKAS accreditation is achieved through testing by Zurich Laboratory.

From a paint and coatings perspective, we are able to paint vehicles and their associated parts to a range of finishes and standards. We are able to adhere to Defence standards such as Def Stan 80-225, Def Stan 80-161, Def Stand 80-143 & Def Stan 80-213. This includes finishing to British Standard colour references BS381C 285 NATO Green, Desert Tan and BS381C 361 Light Stone.

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