Our Metal Manufacturing Premises & Capacity List

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Having a stable customer portfolio whilst playing to our manufacturing strengths has enabled us to create stability in our work areas. This gives each building and the people within, a clear identity coupled with a sense of responsibility. This synergy enables the work to naturally flow through each stage of our manufacturing process.

  • Back Office / Support Design
  • Sheet Processing
  • Forming / Pressing
  • Production Welding
  • Fabrication – MIG, TIG, Robotic Welding
  • Precision Machine Shop
  • Logistics Dept / Storage
  • Assembly, Fitting and Paint Finishing
sheet processing machine at Universal Fabrications
forming and pressing machine at universal fabrications
Mig Tig Robotic Welding at Universal Fabrications
machine shop at Universal Fabrications

    Capacity List

    Cutting & Punching:

    • Amada EML punch / laser combination with tower loader
    • Amada ENSIS Fibre Laser 4000 x 2000 laser with tower loader
    • Amada Regius Fibre 3000 x 1500 laser with tower loader

    Bending & Forming:

    • Amada HFP 220 tonne brake press 4m
    • Amada HFP 100 tonne brake press 3m
    • Amada HFP 50 tonne brake press 1m
    • Amada HD-ATC Hybrid 3m brake press with automatic tool change


    • ABB robotics welding cells x3
    • Fanuc robotics welding cells x6
    • Fronius CMT welding equipment
    • 13 Welding Bays
    • Laser Welder

    Additional Fabrication Machining:

    • DiscMaster 4TD 1500mm Deburring/Edge Rounding
    • Amada automatic tool grinder
    • Prosaw and Behringer Automatic Saws
    • 3-meter powered rolls
    • Piranha metal working machinery
    • Meritus Spot Welder
    • Pemserter 2000 with auto loader

CNC Precision Machining:

5 Axis Lathe:

  • Hardinge Lathe GS200 machining centre x2

7 Axis Lathe:

  • Citizen Sliding Head Lathe L32 VIII LFV

5 Axis Combination Turning and Milling:

  • Biglia Smart Turn & Machining centre

5 Axis Milling:

  • Hardinge XR600 vertical machine centre x2
  • Quaser UX500

4 Axis Milling:

  • Haas VF7 4 Axis Mill 2100 x 900 bed

3 Axis Milling:

  • Hardinge Bridgeport 3 Axis
  • Quaser MV184 with auto loader

3D Printing:

  • Dimensions SST1200es 3D printer


  • Metal Plating, Powder Coating, Galvanising


  • Mitutoyo Crysta plus CMM
  • Faro Edge Scan Arm HD
  • Baty Shadow Graph
  • Stiefelmayer with 2000 x 1000 bed size
  • Trimos Digital height gauge
  • Digital micrometers, verniers, gauges and torque measuring equipment

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