Universal Prototypes Fabricated Electric Vehicle Chassis for Ree Automotive’s Las Vegas Product Launch

Ree Automotive, an industry leading commercial vehicle provider contracted Universal Fabrications to manufacture a self-driving 3.5 Tonne electric vehicle chassis.

Working to a US product launch deadline, Universal’s lead design engineers collaborated with Williams Advanced Engineering to refine the design. The chassis was then manufactured to meet the overall design, functionality and safety requirements whilst minimising weight.

Welded Chassis Fabrication

The welded chassis fabrication was 6 metres in length and was made through cutting and bending sheet metal based parts, then welding and assembling them together. The unit was then painted to an automotive finish. To ensure the chassis maintained its overall and critical dimensions, custom welding fixtures were made and the welding itself was carried out by coded MIG welders.

vehicle chasis fabrication for ree automotive

From Prototype to Production

The project was led by an experienced Project Manager supported by Lead Design and Welding Engineers. Once fabricated, assembled and tested a total of 20 units were produced in a dedicated vehicle assembly area.  

Take a look at the video below showcasing the final vehicle chassis at the EV Pulse Show, demonstrating the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its construction.